Frequently Asked Questions

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Let’s Answer Your Important Questions First

Q): What types of events do you do most?

A): Parties fill most of our schedule throughout the year but we’re available for just about any function that requires a party atmosphere and great music / entertainment.

Q): What styles of music do you play?

A): Music selections are determined by your personal likes and dislikes for your event. Our library consists of everything from the Golden Oldies right up through today’s popular POP and R&B music hits.

Q): Will you take requests for songs during the event?

A): Absolutely. Our job is to make sure you and your guests enjoy the music we play and that the dance floor is full throughout the event. If your guests are not reacting to a selection then we will immediately fade into different music. A high caliber DJ must be able to take requests, understand if the request is appropriate for the event and then slip it into the playlist at the proper time.

Q): Do you offer special effects lighting and props?

A): Yes and at NO CHARGE! Our job is to create the proper atmosphere for your event. And if that requires either soft or disco lighting effects, props and interaction with the guests for things like line dancing and games we come prepared to do it all. However, we will discuss your preferences prior to the event to ensure theses features are what you want.

Q): What kind of music/sound system do you have?

A): We have the best system money can buy capable of entertaining crowds from 100 to 2000, indoors or outdoors. It’s actually designed to not only handle standard music but also for live performances since part of what we offer is live vocal entertainment. And our systems are fully redundant so that if we incur a component failure we have installed replacements to take right over.

Q): May we submit a list of songs in advance that we’d like to have played?

A): Yes! The more we know in advance about yours and your guest’s music preferences the better prepared we’ll be to make them happy.

Q): How are your pricing packages determined?

A): We’ve learned that no events or budgets are alike. We find it’s best to visit with you to understand exactly how much time and which features appeal to you so that we can determine the investment that will result in your ultimate event. But we will say that although we’re not on the low end of the pricing scale, we’re nowhere near as expensive as what some so-called “high end” DJ’s charge. There is a point where a higher price does not give you more quality or features.

Q): Do you charge for Setup/Breakdown? How much time do you need for each?

A): We NEVER charge for setup and break down. If the facility will allow us, we like to arrive at least 2 hours before the event to make sure everything is ready and we’re playing welcoming music for you and your guests. Breakdown takes between 30 and 45 mins before our trailer is packed and we’re on the road home.


A): That’s a tough question. There are a lot of good DJ’s available that would do a good job for more than what we charge per event. Short of you actually seeing us “live”, here’s our best shot at answering it:

1. Although we do weddings and parties nearly every weekend we do this for fun and not just for the money. It’s much easier to focus on delivering fun entertainment rather than worrying how to maximize profits.

2. Clients love and comment on our diverse music selections that caters to all the age groups. Please take a moment to read the testimonials in our “Testimonials” section.

3. Our sound system is “live vocal stage quality” equipment (not your typical DJ setup) so we can deliver heart pounding, crystal clear music and live vocals for any size event. With larger facilities we can use remote wireless speakers in various parts of the room to extend the sound so that we’re not “blasting” out the guests seated in the front.

4. We can use props (with your permission of course) to engage the guests which sometimes gets a little crazy at times. And props help to keep the younger children entertained so the adults can enjoy themselves too.

5. We get loads of positive comments on our singing talent. Most people think their listening to a CD because they can’t tell the difference.

6. Most of all, we’re professionals at what we do. Every detail is reviewed and executed from interfacing with the venue, photographer and other vendors to ensure the agenda is followed and nothing goes wrong on your special day. 

Q): When do we meet to review the details of our event?

A): Time permitting, the sooner the better. We like to have our first meeting no later than 60 days before the event.