Your ceremony exit song should reflect the level of excitement you feel. We recommend Natalie Cole’s “This Will Be”. Tell your guests in song that this will be “An Everlasting Love”.


First, we'll help you to choose a beautiful processional song that represents the feelings you have for each other.

Then we go to work behind the scenes. We determine how many people are in your bridal party and then craft a timeline that synchronizes with the music chosen to create queue points. As the DJ is managing the music he/she is also communicating with another staff member, sometimes by radio with earpieces (for privacy).

We then instruct each person in the wedding party as to when to begin their walk down the isle as to stay in sync with the music. This coordination makes for a very dramatic and beautiful ceremony that you and your guests will always remember. And if we're lucky, someone will capture the entire ceremony on camera so you too can appreciate the true beauty of a choreographed ceremony.

Traditional or Special Ceremony Music?

When not just any music will do our team will work to choreograph your special day with elegant prelude and ceremony music. We’ll even attend the wedding ceremony rehearsal if you’d like us to work with the wedding party so they understand the steps and timing we’ve created for you.


  • This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)2:50

One of our favorite Wedding Entrance Songs is “The Prayer”.

Our team will guide the wedding party step by step so that your entrances are timed to the music creating a dramatic impression on your guests. There won’t be a dry eye in the house!


Choreographed Ceremonies

So, What Is A Choreographed Ceremony?

  • The Prayer4:21